Pennsylvania Parents and Caregivers Resource Network

Advocacy and Informational Workshops

Regional Advocacy Conference I (RAC I)
Understanding Your Child's IEP, Laws & Regulations Updates, Networking, Skill Building and Diversity Awareness for Parents and Professionals

Regional Advocacy Conference II (RAC II)
Developing Behavior Support Plans
, Laws & Regulation Updates, Networking, Skill Building and Diversity Awareness for Parents and Professionals

Regional Advocacy Conference III (RAC III) (or evening workshops)
Learn Skills for Becoming an Effective Advocate for your child or adult with developmental disabilities, Networking, Skill Building and Diversity Awareness.

Regional Transition to Adulthood Conference IV (RAC IV)
Developing Transition Plans

All workshops include laws and regulation updates, skill building, diversity awareness, and group building.

Coffee and IEP Consultation

Questions about special education and IEPs? We are offering a limited number of one to one informational sessions, occurring through small group gatherings. You will be able to schedule an appointment with a PPCRN consultant.

Other Free Workshops from PPCRN:

Improving School Hospitality * The History of the Special Education System and the Local Task Force System * The History of the Disability Movement * Starting and Keeping Support Groups.

Workshops in partnership with others:New :

Major Breakthrough! Understanding the Mental Retardation System. A two day comprehensive training presented by the Waiting List Campaign. Call: Sheila Stasko at 1-877-372-WAIT or one of the PPCRN offices listed below for information.

Winning the Battle for Benefits for Children with Special Needs. Information about health insurance benefits, special education, early intervention, home health care, managed care denials and more. Call Attorney Joseph Romano for information about his free workshops for families: 1-800-331-4134 or one of the PPCRN offices below.

Call our toll-free numbers for information.

  • Office and Central Region: 1-888-572-7368
  • Eastern Region: 1-888-205-4915
  • Western Region: 1-888-890-5665
  • POWER Network: 1-800-325-4963

Joseph L. Romano, Esquire ConferencesNew :

Attorney Romano's dynamic and informative presentations, co-sponsored by PPCRN, have been helping hundreds of parents to win the battle to obtain benefits for their children with special needs. Conferences will be held in the Spring of 2003 in Suburban Philadelphia, Hershey and Erie and in the Fall of 2003 in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh For dates: Check PPCRN's website, Mr. Romano's website or call his office toll free at 1-800-331-4134

717-561-0098 PPCRN 1-888-5-PARENT

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