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What To Say When
You Want To Say Something Else

When you want to say this... Say this insteadÖ
"What baloney!"
"Youíve got to be kidding!"
"Thatís not my understanding."
"Lies, lies, and more lies!"
"Thatís not true!"
"Iím not sure if thatís quite accurate."
"Why is everyone so stupid?"
"Iíll bet youíre wrong!"
"Perhaps we need to verify this."
"Over my dead body!"
"No, way! Never!"
"Iíll have to let you know later."
"Yeah, right!"
"Iíll believe it when I see it!"
"Could you please show me that in writing".
"I know more than you do!"
"What do you know?"
"To the best of my knowledge..."
"Are you nuts!"
"Iíll never agree to that!"
"There must be another way to resolve this."
"None of this makes sense!"
"Iím going to scream!"
"I need some time to think about this."
"My attorney can get them!"
"I ought to call the cops!"
"Perhaps, mediation would be helpful."
The best advice in difficult situations is:
  • Stop and Think before speaking!
  • Carefully choose the words you use.
  • Check the tone of your voice.
  • Maintain appropriate body language.
  • If the situation becomes too tense, ask to take a break.
Tips: Practice saying the appropriate phrases in front of a mirror. Role play a mock meeting with a friend. Read a book about handling difficult situations.

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