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Quick Ideas

Starting a Parent Group

You may find some or all of these ideas helpful for your first meeting.

  • Before your first public meeting, you may want to gather together for coffee or breakfast to discuss what kind of a group you think you would like to form.
  • If you want to draw more people to that first meeting, you may want to have a speaker discuss a topic of high interest such as special education laws and regulations, inclusion or psychological testing.
If the group wants to continue to meet, try some of these ideas.
  • Make a list of who is interested in meeting together again.
  • Decide if the group membership will be limited to parents with other people invited as speakers and/or as guests.
  • Confirm the purpose of the group:
    • Emotional support for each other
    • Advocacy and/or information
    • A combination of purposes.
  • Decide the best time and place to meet.
  • Confirm the next meeting date.
  • Decide what you will do at the next meeting.
  • Provide sign up sheets to see who is talented for helping with advocacy, support, typing, making phone calls, etc.
  • Obtain commitments from members to make telephone calls and to prepare announcements for the next meeting.

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