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Self Determination/Self Advocacy Sites

Office of Mental Retardation Bulletins

Mental Retardation Bulletins that guide services. The Waivers and Service Preference Bulletins are included. Many can be downloaded. If you have a family member receiving support services, you need to read this information.

Office of Mental Retardation Comments

Contact or Complaint page to contact Office of Mental Retardation. You may also call: 1-888-565-9435.

Community Works

Excellent articles that offer some ideas to help make self determination a reality for persons with developmental disabilities.

Person Centered Practices

You will find information about developing a Person Centered Plan at this site.

Michael Smull and Friends

Information for developing an Essential Lifestyle Plan can be found here.

National Program Office on Self Determination

This site is of interest to parents of teens who are preparing for living in the community and caregivers of adults who may be seeking more control over their loved ones' living arrangements.

The Arc's Self-Determination Program

You will find extensive information about helping persons with mental retardation become their own agents for making their life choices.


This is an invaluable site for those seeking to become self advocates.

Dauphin County Self Determination Initiative

Dauphin County's site is full of helpful information.

Pennsylvania Department of Welfare.

You can find the Office of Mental Retardation on this site.

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