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Welcome to a long list of links about self determination and individualized funding.

Wyoming DOORS Model and IBA Page

This is the model presently being adopted by Pennsylvania Office of Mental Retardation for Waiver home and community based services. The PA model uses an assessment tool to determine the funding amount prior to the development of a person's support plan.

Inventory for Client and Agency Planning

The Inventory for Client and Agency Planning (ICAP) is a 16 page booklet that assesses adaptive and maladaptive behavior and gathers additional information to determine the type and amount of special assistance that people with disabilities may need. Assessments such as this one are often used to determine the amount of Waiver funding that may be allotted for supporting a person with mental retardation.

Levels of Support

Mental Retardation: Definition, Classification, and Systems of Supports (9th ed.) published by the American Association on Mental Retardation (AAMR) describes the AAMR's conceptualization of the levels of support needed by individuals with mental retardation or other developmental disabilities. AAMR has abandoned the terms mild, moderate, severe, and profound mental retardation in favor of four descriptive levels of needed service intensity.

The Self-Determination Housing Project

The goal of the project is to build upon recent national and state efforts to increase the stock of affordable, accessible and integrated housing. By bringing together individuals committed to this goal, the project is expanding access to public and private housing programs and self-determination in housing for persons with developmental disabilities.

Individual Funding and Information Resources

Individual Funding and Information Resources is an incredible site for persons and their families who are interested in Self Determination and managing their own resources and services.

The State of the States in Developmental Disabilities

You may want to check out this site on the State of the States in Developmental Disability services and click on Pennsylvania.

Michael Smull and Friends

Learn from Michael about Essential Lifestyle Planning, organizational development and working with people who have challenging behaviors (or severe reputations, as he would say).

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