Pennsylvania Parents
	 and Caregivers Resource Network

Purpose and Principles

We identify, support and link culturally and ethnically diverse parent groups around all areas of concern for parents of children with developmental disabilities. We build alliances and communicate and collaborate with other established networks, groups, parent organizations, agencies and systems. We value the integration of people with and without disabilties and the interdependence and enhancement of community among people of all races and backgrounds. We promote the use of generic community services and informal networks and the individualization, independence and personal choice of persons with disabilities.

Pennsylvania Parents and Caregivers Resource Network is funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council through Resources for Human Development, Inc. for parents and family/friend caregivers of children and adults with developmental disabilities.

This site is created and maintained by the Pennsylvania Parents and Caregivers Resource Network solely for informational and educational purposes. The information presented here is not to be construed as professional medical, legal or psychological advice.

The articles contained on this site may be freely downloaded, copied and distributed for private, non-commercial purposes only, provided no fee is charged for the distribution. We ask that you give us credit when sharing this material.

Copyright (c) 1999-2000 PA Parents and Caregivers Resource Network/Resources for Human Development, Inc. and PA Developmental Disabilities Council. Permission to reprint, copy, distribute this work is granted provided that it is reproduced as a whole, distributed at no more than actual cost, and displays this copyright notice. Any other reproduction is strictly prohibited.

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How to Contact Us:

PA Parents and Caregivers Resource Network

Ideas, Support, Workshops & Mini-Money Grants

Sue Scott Dolan, Parent Director
P.O. Box 4336
Harrisburg, PA 17111-0336
PA Parents & Caregivers call toll-free in PA: 1-888-5-PARENT (572-7368)
All others: 717-561-0098
Fax: 717-561-0945

Joleen Barry, POWER Network 1-800-325-4963

Regional Resource Phone Consultants
Eastern Region
Diana Francis

Western Region
Joan Kost

Project Office and Central Region
Cheryl Watson


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