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Quick Ideas

Keeping Your Group Alive

The following are ideas that the members said kept their parent groups active:

  • We directly and respectfully addressed "hot issues".
  • We found that members came back after being educated through our workshops.
  • By using a variety of speakers and topics at meetings, parents attended meetings more often.
  • Updating and adding videos and books to our lending library was a helpful way to keep members coming back.
  • We always sent thank you cards and publicly thanked members.
  • Showing videos requested by the groupís members kept interest high.
  • We helped more members by alternating monthly speakersí presentations with support group meetings.
  • Listening to everyoneís wants and needs made the members feel valued.
  • Personally calling each new member helped him/her to feel part of the group.
  • Even though it was sometimes difficult, we addressed membersí likes and dislikes about the group.
  • We worked hard to keep the meeting positive, even when there were difficult issues.
  • Making sure news releases/posters/announcements went out on time gave people advance notice of the meeting.
  • Making phone calls and sending postcard meeting reminders were helpful to busy parents.
  • We made sure the groupís activities were based on membersí needs rather than just following the way we had always done things.
  • Parents of older children mentoring the parents of younger ones in positive ways helped to strengthen our group.
  • Listening and respecting the views of all parents, regardless of life experiences, helped to build a strong group.
  • Having a parent as the group facilitator fostered trust among the members.
  • Utilizing parent to parent support - for advocacy or emotional needs - worked very well.
  • Involving everyone with a small job, being careful to match skills & tasks, helped parents feel a sense of sharing and ownership of the group.
  • Wonderful family picnics and free sitter services at meetings were key to building our group.
  • Networking with other groups provided parents with more resources and helped our group to grow and stay active.

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