Pennsylvania Parents and Caregivers Resource Network

Quick Ideas

Fundraising Tips

These are ideas from parent groups on the Network:
  • Hosted home parties for kitchen ware, cosmetics etc.
  • Requested that those who receive information from the group reimburse for postage.
  • Sought funds for group activities through letters and newsletters.
  • Solicited funds and services from organizations and businesses.
  • Requested an annual family membership fee.
  • Charged professionals an associate membership fee.
  • Had T-shirt, hoagie, bake and yard sales and/or raffles.
  • Participated in locate bake and craft sales and provided information about the group.
  • Hosted a golf classic.
  • Hosted benefit shows.
  • Held dance-a-thons, bike-a-thons, walk-a-thons and marathons.
  • Became a United Way Designated Donor.
  • Secured coupons from local businesses to benefit the group.
  • Sold flower bulbs, candy bars, wrapping paper, greeting cards, candles etc.
  • Sold books about disabilities and teaching strategies.
  • Solicited funds from organizations, schools and professionals.
  • Offer to train employees about disability issues in exchange for printing, donations.
  • Applied for Mini-Money Grants from PPCRN!

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